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What's New

Free E-Book: One Simple Thing to Improve Projects or PM (An Anthology)

Image: One Simple Thing ebook on e-reader Last November I invited visitors to this web site and other PM discussion sites to share “one simple thing...” that could improve projects and/or project management (PM).

Many smart people with lots of different PM experiences took the time to think about, then respond to, this invitation. This free e-book anthology is a collection of these responses. It includes:

My heartfelt “Thanks!” to all of you who were kind enough to create and share your thoughtful responses to this challenge! And I hope you find this anthology to be a thought-provoking and valuable resource.

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Best Practice: Consciously choose your attitude.

[Link image: This is a sample from PM Minimalist]

[book excerpt from: The Project Management Minimalist…]

“We cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose how we respond to them.” -- Epictetus in The Enchiridion

“From the most simple task to the most complex, if you are not in a state of either acceptance, enjoyment, or enthusiasm, look closely and you will find that you are creating suffering for yourself and others.” -- Eckhart Tolle in A New Earth

Take another look at the Tolle quote above. The selection in bold tells the whole story. The graphic below illustrates how one man’s thrashing against reality – his self-chosen misery – is creating suffering for himself and others! [Image: Guy creating misery for others]

So what should this guy be doing? Well, according to Tolle, he only has three choices.

  1. He can accept his situation and stop wasting energy fighting against it. (This will allow him to think more clearly and figure out how to make things better.)
  2. He can find something to enjoy about the situation.
  3. He can become enthusiastic about the situation.

Any of these choices will make things better for himself and those around him. Now when you think about it, he actually has a fourth choice: He can remove himself from the situation by simply quitting his job. That is, he can go somewhere else and do something else that won’t make him so unhappy. But if he can’t quit or remove himself, then he must accept, enjoy, or become enthusiastic about his situation. To thrash around against reality, bemoaning the situation and spilling negative energy all over other people, is simply stupid. Worse, it saps away energy that could be used to make the changes that could improve things.

So the next time you find yourself ranting and raving and thrashing around against reality, refer to the chart below. See if you can’t reduce your stress and make things better for everyone around you by consciously choosing a different attitude!Image: Accept, Enjoy, or Get Enthusiastic

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - -

There’s more about how you can “Consciously Choose Your Attitude,” in the 3rd part of The Project Management Minimalist… The People Stuff You can also check out my 18-minute podcast, Consciously Choose Your Attitude. Download it from 

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David Emerald's One Simple Thing: Adopt a Creator Orientation

Photo: David Emerald, Creator of TED (The Empowerment Dynamic)(The following article is part of our One Simple Thing…to Improve Projects series. It was contributed by David Emerald, the creator of TED -- The Empowerment Dynamic. David is the author of The Power of TED* book, an executive coach, and uplifting keynote speaker who lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and business partner, Donna. In a nutshell, TED provides a framework for building better, more empowered relationships. The Power of TED materials, as well as David's workshops, are both inspirational and practical! TED enlightens and encourages those who practice it to reach new levels of collaboration.)

[A personal note: "I've found that TED provides a unique framework to view and improve both my business and personal relationships. I was so excited to share TED's potential for project teams that I created the blog post/podcast Shift from Drama to Empowerment. Thanks, David, for the wisdom & the inspiration!" -- Mike Greer]


My number one “simple thing” is to adopt a Creator Orientation. Projects are put in place to create outcomes. However, in the process, problems are inevitably going to arise. When they do, they can easily pull us – individually and as a team – into what I call the Victim Orientation. In this mindset, which is often the “default” in organizations, we are problem-focused; anxiety-based and reactive. By adopting a Creator Orientation, we stay focused on the outcome(s) we are creating; are passion-motivated; and take the baby steps necessary to accomplish the project. Baby steps can include solving problems. However, rather than merely reacting to the “problem du jour,” we can identify, prioritize, and get to the root cause of those challenges that must be overcome to create the outcomes we envision.

To learn more about the Creator Orientation, check out the TED Tools section of the TED website.


Still Available -- A Gift for You: A Free PM Book for Your Kindle, NOOK, iPad or Other Tablet / E-Reader

The Holidays may be over, but I've decided to continue offering this free gift for your new Kindle, NOOK, iPad, or other e-Reader/tablet computer. You'll find two new versions of The PM Minimalist Quick Start Guide: a "mobi" version (used by Kindle readers) and an "epub" version (used by NOOK, iPad, & nearly all other e-readers/tablets). And you can get them both for free!

The 38-page PM Minimalist Quick Start Guide is designed to help you plan and manage your first project using the PM Minimalist approach. Click here for more information about the contents. Or simply click one of the links below to start your free download (... or get 'em all, if you want to!).

Feel free to share these links... and the downloaded files ... with anyone! Enjoy!


Four New Project Management FREEBIES

Project Management FREEBIES website

Since my last Update, I've posted the following at the Project Management FREEBIES website:*

* See the article in July's update, "Project Management FREEBIES: A Whole New Website is Born!" for a complete overview of the Project Management FREEBIES website. Here's a 5-minute VIDEO TOUR of the site:


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Now Available: One Dozen Private & Customizable PM Webinars!

Private PM WebinarsSo… you don’t have time to stop working for several days and send everybody to PM training? Or maybe you don’t have the money to spend on a full-blown, on-site workshop w/T&L expenses? See how you can take a Minimalist approach to your PM training through brief, one or two-hour customized webinars!

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