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Why You Should Trust Your Judgment (… Your “Inner Wisdom Filter”)

[A couple of weeks ago I published an excerpt from The Project Management Minimalist on my website. It's from the third part of the book -- The People Stuff: 10 Sets of Challenges to Inspire Project Teams. Below is a sample of the full article. To read the entire blog post, go to Why You Should Trust Your Judgment at Michael Greer's PM Resources.]

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... I’m willing to bet that you (or some people you respect) have used one of these expressions:

Whether you call it a “hunch,” an “intuition,” a “gut feeling,” or simply the unspoken nudging of your heart, you’re talking about pretty much the same thing: that inner voice of wisdom that we all possess, but we all too often stifle. Sure, this inner voice we’re talking about can be intangible and elusive. But I bet that if you had to do so, you could logically trace the origins of its judgments and choices. And this logical audit trail would prove to you that this inner voice is really quite worthy of your trust and respect.

Here’s the deal: Your intuitions, “gut feelings,” and hunches are derived from and ultimately grounded in your unique life experiences, both good and bad. And because of this, they have behind them the solid proof of your reality. To illustrate how all these experiences come together to generate solid, trustworthy judgments, I present to you the analogy of the common kitchen strainer. (Now stick with me, here… this is actually a pretty cool analogy!)

Why You Can Trust Your Judgment
Your Inner Wisdom Filter: Why You Can Trust Your Judgment!

A kitchen strainer is made up of a whole bunch of strands of wire, criss-crossed to form a grid or a screen. Now let’s say you don’t have one of those fancy juice machines, but you want to mash up a bunch of fruit and extract the juice. You begin by cutting the fruit into pieces, then dump these pieces into the strainer. You then place the strainer over a bowl and push down on the fruit and mash it up until the juice runs into the bowl. The wire grid or screen of the strainer prevents all the seeds, stems, strands of bitter fibers, and fruit skins from coming through. The only thing you get in your bowl is the juice essence that you wanted. All that other stuff can be thrown out (or added to you favorite fiber-dense muffin dough!).

Your Inner Wisdom Filter

Your inner voice (i.e., your judgment) operates pretty much like that kitchen strainer! (See graphic above.) Let’s say you have to make a difficult decision and don’t have time to think about it. All sorts of possibilities and pertinent facts and constraints and outcomes rattle around in your brain. Your “internal strainer” is activated to deal with this. The wires in your internal strainer are made up of a vast set of unique experiences that you’ve acquired over your lifetime. Successes, failures, joys, miseries, and all sorts of life events combine to form this internal screening mechanism. That horrible job you had, that successful project, that challenge on your high school sports team, that class or internship you took, that difficult relationship you finally worked out — all these events comprise the unique strainer that creates your special judgments. And when all the possible solutions and issues related to a problem are dumped into that strainer, the good stuff — a unique and powerful judgment — emerges. It’s a judgment that’s automatically informed by all of your life experiences. And, as such, it’s powerful and trustworthy!

Still skeptical? Consider some real-life examples:  

... [The article continues with examples, including the emergency room physician, the wise tribal elder, the artist, your grandpa & his prize-winning chili, and your own skill at parallel parking It concludes by providing specific team challenges you can use with your project team to help build their own confidence in their "inner wisdom filters."  

To see the full article go to Why You Should Trust Your Judgment at Michael Greer's PM Resources.]


So… What’s Your Story? And How’s It Working for You?

[This is an excerpt from my full article posted this month at the Inspired Project Teams website. To see the full article, click here.]

Stories… narratives… legends… tales of struggles, victories, and losses… we humans spend much of our lives trying to make sense of the world through the lenses of our stories.  Whether it recounts events we have lived personally or events lived by others, there is something about a story that is powerfully compelling. And when we finish witnessing or telling or retelling a story, it leaves behind a theme that shapes our feelings about our place in this world and the actions we should take to adapt to it.

The good news: Stories are powerfully engaging and can help us figure out how to live our lives more effectively.

The bad news: Stories are powerfully engaging. And they can trap us inside them in subtle ways that prevents us from accurately experiencing this moment – this unique here and now. And if we aren’t careful, hours and days and years can pass by without our having had direct experience of the truth of this moment because we’ve been swept up inside all of our stories.

Managing By Story

What’s this got to do with project management? It’s simple. Your ability to take the right action in a project crisis – i.e., to select the exactly-appropriate, surgically-focused, perfectly-executable action and then “make it so” – depends on your ability to be here, now. You need to see clearly, right now, with this set of project players, with this product, in this unique market environment, with these unique constraints, exactly what is happening. Then, and only then, can you take the most effective action.  However, if you’re resonating with a particularly powerful story that is bubbling just below your consciousness when you’re trying to decide on your “right action,” there’s a good chance that your response will be shaped by the story instead of the truth of your “right now.”  ....  (continued at website... )

 [The preceding is an excerpt from the full article posted this month at the Inspired Project Teams website. To see the full article, click here.]


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