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Issue Number 16: June/July, 2012 
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What's New

20th Anniversary PDF Editions of My ID Project Management Book

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the publication of my first book, ID [Instructional Development] Project Management: Tools and Techniques for Instructional Designers and Developers... Every month or so someone emails me and asks where they can get a copy of this book.  

I usually tell them that as far as I know the publisher has taken it out of print. Then I explain that since it's publication in 1992, I've written & published 5 more PM books. And all of these are "agnostic" -- designed to be used in any industry or any areas of specialization (including instructional design & development).  Then I simply recommend my latest book & support tools (The Project Management Minimalist) instead.

Still, there are those folks who REALLY push me to help them find the book. For them, and all of you who might be wondering about my ID PM book, I've created a couple of "scanned PDF" versions of this entire book which you can download.  (Click here to go to my website and learn more about these PDF versions.)


Project Management FREEBIES Website Marks Its First Anniversary!

Last July I launched my Project Management FREEBIES website. Since then the site has listed more than 99 PM FREEBIES! And there are more on the way every month. Click the image below to learn more.

Image: PM Freebies home page w/tabs open


A New Mindfulness Meditation Video

This summer my wife and I have been going through the process of preparing our summer home for sale. We've had the place for over 20 years! As part of saying "good-bye" to this house, I've recorded some video of nearby places and edited these together into a 6-minute video titled "Take a Break: A Mindfulness Meditation in the PA Countryside."  You can check it out here:  

Take a Break: A Mindfulness Meditation in the PA Countryside from PM Minimalist.

I hope you enjoy this video. And, more importantly, I hope you take the time to practice mindfulness meditation to manage stress and generally help you endure your "life in the projects." Your project team will thank you! Related Links


 Unplug, Change Your Patterns, Press “Reset”

Image: View from the mountains looking into the valley...

Speaking of taking a break... A while back we decided to get out of the city and do some RV camping in the mountains outside San Diego, CA. Our intent wasn't to "rough it." Instead, we were simply going to hang out and explore the nearby village, apple orchards, and countryside from a relatively comfortable base camp.

Shortly after we were all settled in, we discovered that the RV park we reserved was unable to provide the internet and TV it had promised. Worse, our cell phones wouldn't connect unless we drove 6 miles to town!  However, after checking our alternatives and finding all the other parks nearby were booked solid, we decided to stay put and go "cold turkey" on our connections to civilization...  

[Click here to read the full article and find out: 1) The unexpected residual benefits of "unplugging" and pressing "reset," and 2) some suggestions for developing an unplugged mindset and sustaining it after that vacation! Bonus picture: Some very cool wild turkeys!]


PM Minimalist Quick Start Guide for Your Kindle, NOOK, iPad or Other Tablet / E-Reader

The 38-page PM Minimalist Quick Start Guide is designed to help you plan and manage your first project using the PM Minimalist approach.   Click here for more information about the contents.  Or simply click one of the links below to start your free download (... or get 'em all, if you want to!).

Feel free to share these links... and the downloaded files ... with anyone!  Enjoy!


Four New Project Management FREEBIES

Project Management FREEBIES website

Since my last Update, I've posted the following at the Project Management FREEBIES website:*

* See the article in July's update, "Project Management FREEBIES: A Whole New Website is Born!" for a complete overview of the Project Management FREEBIES website.  Here's a 5-minute VIDEO TOUR of the site:


Reminders, Resources, & Footnotes

Let's Connect on Google Plus!

Michael Greer on Google Plus You can see my Google Plus public posts on all topics (not simply PM) and connect with me via Google Plus at this URL: Or you can stay up to date on the latest blog posts by adding Michael Greer's PM Resources Google Plus page to one of your circles .  

To learn more about Google Plus, check out my article and links above or go to:* Google's interactive Overview of Google Plus: * WebDesignShock's "Google Plus, everything you need to know:"


 Video: "Website Tour: Michael Greer's PM Resources"

Go to video I just released a video that provides a quick (5 minute) tour of my website, Michael Greer's PM Resources.

This video will help you see how the site is organized and help you find that buried PM treasure you may be looking for.


Project Management Bookstore Promotion Continues: The PM Minimalist Softcover Just $12!

The Project Management Bookstore  is distributing The Project Management Minimalist softcover version (122 pages) for a special introductory, preorder price of ONLY $12... less than 1/2 of retail! If you've been waiting for a rock-bottom price, here's your chance!  Click one of the links above.

$10 Off Sale on PM Minimalist Mentor and DVD Series

To celebrate the The Project Management Bookstore's webinar and half-price introductory sale on The... Minimalist (above), I've decided to offer a $10 discount on the other two PM Power Tools. For a limited time, you can get The PM Minimalist Mentor: Scripted Coaching Tools to Guide Your Project Teams and The Project Management Minimalist Video Series (DVD/12 videos/82 minutes) for $10 off the retail price of each product. Click here for details.


Video Overviews of The PM Minimalist Collection

I've created three brief video overviews of the items in The PM Minimalist Collection. Check them out  at . Video Overview & Discount Codes: The PM Minimalist Collection


PM Minimalist Support System & Freebies

The PM Minimalist Support System & Freebies page includes a chart summarizing links to multi-media collection of resources to help individual project managers, project teams and entire organizations go Minimalist. Check it out! (Note: I'll be adding to this grid as I make more support items available.)


Now Available: One Dozen Private & Customizable PM Webinars!

Private PM WebinarsSo… you don’t have time to stop working for several days and send everybody to PM training? Or maybe you don’t have the money to spend on a full-blown, on-site workshop w/T&L expenses? See how you can take a Minimalist approach to your PM training through brief, one or two-hour customized webinars! 

[Click here to download the full 7-page PDF: The PM Minimalist Private Webinars: Buy Your Custom PM Training By the Hour!



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