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I’m Mike Greer, author of The Project Management Minimalist and many other PM (project management) books and publications. I’m also a PM trainer and consultant. (You can see my detailed biography, etc. at my website, Michael Greer’s PM Resources.)

Over the years I’ve come across zillions of great free PM tools, white papers, training items, and so on. Trouble is, they are often buried in out-of-the-way corners of the ‘net that make them tough to find when I want to share them with colleagues or PM newbies attending my classes.

So I decided to collect links and brief descriptions of some of my favorite PM freebies here — all in one place — so they’d be easy for us all to find. At the same time, I’m hoping you’ll tell me about some of your favorite free PM items so I can include them here.  (Click on the Suggestions tab above.)

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Disclaimer and Promise 

As a PM author, trainer, coach, and consultant I have created quite a few useful PM Freebies myself! I may include some of these here — no strings attached. Mostly, however, I will try to share great stuff that other PM folks have published.   Finally, unless I tell you otherwise in the description of the item, you can assume that I have not been paid a fee or compensated in any way for listing any of the products you find here. 

I hope you enjoy these and find them useful!  Thanks for visiting!

(For more about how I choose my posts for this blog & a couple of other legal disclaimers, click here:  Editorial Policy & Legal Stuff)

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