Aug 042011

Head First PMP

  • Description: 85-page PDF book with 200 practice questions and answers to help you get ready for PMI’s PMP exam. While this is not the latest version of this book, it is still loaded with lots of valuable information and practice. (After all… it’s free! And if you like the approach, you might want to consider getting the latest version.)
  • Link to book:
  • Limitation:  This PDF book is dated 2007, otherwise it is complete.
  • Publisher:  O’Reilly Media, Inc
  • What Publisher is Selling: Latest version of the book. It’s available here:
  • Reviews of this edition (from the book itself): 
    • “This looks like too much fun to be a PMP study guide! Behind the quirky humor and nutty graphics lies an excellent explanation of the project management processes. Not only will this book make it easier to pass the exam, you’ll learn a lot of good stuff to use on the job too.”
      Carol Steuer, PMP, PMBOK® Guide, Third Edition Leadership Team
    • “This is the best thing to happen to PMP since, well, ever. You’ll laugh, learn, pass the exam, and become a better project manager all at the same time.”
      Scott Berkun, author of The Art of Project Management and The Myths of Innovation 
    • “I love this format!  Head First PMP covers everything you need to know to pass your PMP exam.  The sound-bite format combined with the whimsical images turns a dry subject into entertainment.  The organization starts with the basics then drills into the details.  The in-depth coverage of complex topics like Earned Value and Quality Control are presented in an easy to understand format with descriptions, pictures, and examples.  This book will not only help you pass the PMP, it should be used as an daily reference for practicing project managers.  I sure wish I had this when I was studying for the exam.”
      — Mike Jenkins, PMP, MBA