May 282014



  • Description: According to an email from the publishers [my bold added]:

… our organization has put together a comprehensive resource for project managers interested in the PMP certification, which is a key component of professional advancement in the field, worldwide (it would also be useful to students interested in careers in project management). What distinguishes us is that we’re not a vendor of PMP exam prep resources, nor affiliated with any of them (nor are we affiliated with PMI, which created the PMP certification). Therefore we can provide a resource that’s both thorough and unbiased. Our site’s main writer is Allen Green, MS, PMP, PgMP, a published author on program management who’s also got experience writing PMP exam prep resources…”

  • What Publisher is Selling: ??? There are no ads and lots of great information! Possibly just selling the publisher’s expertise and/or books? I’m  not sure what he’s selling, but he’s giving away a TON of good info, so go get it if you’re feeling the need to pursue your PMP!